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Indy Anna's Catering, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN – (317) 632-2662, Fax (317) 568-4892
We serve Indiana's finest diners and have earned a reputation for delicious food and distinguised service. Anne prides herself on serving ample food in an appropriate and appealing manner. Let IndyAnna's cater your next event!

Three Carrots
Indianapolis, IN- (317) 403-5867
Having a party? Small get-together? Romantic evening? Just don't feel like cooking? Let me cook for you! Whether you desire a new vegetarian experience or are craving a delicious meat-feee alternative, we specialize in vegan cuisine brought to your dining room table!

Grocery Stores

You can find an amazing amount of vegetarian/vegan fixings (such as fake meat, tofu, and no-chicken broth) at Marsh, Target, and Kroger. Here are some stores that cater to the non-meat eating set.

Georgetown Market
4375 Georgetown Rd.
In addition to veg friendly ingredients, this market has a wonderful deli stocked with ready-made vegetarian treats.

The Good Earth
6350 Guilford Ave.
Organic produce, bulk lentils and other essentials can be found here. They also stock fun items, such as vegetarian gelatin, gummy bears, and “beef" jerky.

Whole Foods Market
1300 E 86th
In addition to a wonderful produce section, this store is a haven for vegans with a sweet tooth. Vegan cookies, cakes, and candy are plentiful, as are most fake meat products and meat substitutes. They also offer a wide variety of cruelty-free bath and body items.

Trader Joe's
5473 E. 82nd and 2902 W. 86th
This quirky grocery store has a surprising amount of vegetarian and vegan items.

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